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Your rotations are our priority.

We provide customized, streamlined, and back-to-back core and elective clinical rotations for all types of medical students.

We take a family-style approach to your experience where care is always given to the following:
1. the quality of clinical training,
2. the delicate relationship between the student, physician, hospital, and school, and
3. clinical rotation logistics.

We have created a system catered toward empowering student transparency and control during the course of their clinical experience.

If there is something you need completed, adjusted, faxed, emailed, scheduled, etc, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Clinical Site Locations

Core rotation options

Family Medicine

Students are exposed to patients with many common and sometimes rare health conditions.

The objective of this rotation is to teach the student how to take a complete patient history as well as the proper format to compile an accurately written SOAP note.

Internal Medicine

Students are exposed to a logical approach to patients and their problems, leading from a presenting or chief complaint, through a comprehensive history and physical examination, to the formulation of a differential diagnosis.


Pediatrics emphasizes on history taking and physical examination of new-borns, infants, children, and adolescents. Normal and abnormal growth and development are stressed.

General Surgery

The objective of this rotation is to expose the student to clinical problems requiring surgical intervention to have a better understanding of patient management.


The objective of this rotation is to teach the student biological, psychosocial, and social-cultural psychiatric disorders.

Students should learn and be able to complete a psychiatric diagnostic work-up. The student will also learn the psychiatric concepts, attitudes and skills that will be useful to all physician-patient relationships.


The goals of the clerkship in Obstetrics and Gynecology are to provide the student with clinical experience in the management of normal and pathological changes that occur during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the puerperium; the diagnosis and management of Gynecology diseases; and the principles and practice of family planning.

Elective rotation options

Pain Management


Infectious Disease

Emergency Medicine



Urgent Care


Plastic Surgery

Primary Care

…and more!


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