Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions from students and graduates. Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers!

“Where is United Medical Rotations (UMR) located?”

We are based out of Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia! We have a large hub of preceptors and rotations available in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as the Metro Washington D.C. area.

“What type of rotations does UMR offer?”

We offer both core and elective rotations in a variety of specialties. Please contact us for a full list!

“I have submitted my application. When can I begin rotations?”

That’s a great question that we receive often! You must complete and provide all the necessary student documentation and paperwork before you can begin your rotations. Student documentation that we require are:
• PPD Test or copy of chest X-Ray
• Immunizations and/or vaccination records
• Background Check
• Malpractice Insurance
• Copy of your resume/CV
• Copy of Government issued ID
• Complete our student on-boarding packet

Rest assured, this process does not take long! We will work with you on getting these documents complete up to a week prior to the start date of your rotations.

“How much do rotations cost?”

Rotations in Atlanta are $350/wk and $400/wk in the Metro D.C. area. Our prices are up-front and an all inclusive flat rate. This means that the fee includes everything: there are no administrative costs, hospital or clinic fees, etc. We do not believe in price-gauging students!

“Will my rotations be completed with board-accredited physicians?”

Yes! All of our preceptors are board accredited physicians and are affiliated with ACGME-accredited hospitals.

“Will my preceptors provide me with a letter of recommendation (LOR) at the end of my rotation?”

Typically, LORs are not something we involve ourselves in. It is up to the student to develop a relationship with the preceptor and personally ask for a LOR. If you are currently a medical student, we are able to have student evaluation forms completed by your preceptor!

“How many patients will I see in a day?”

Great question! This depends on the type of rotation you would like, as well which preceptor you are placed with. On average, most students see a handful of patients a day.

“What is the process for sending in and retrieving my clinical evaluation forms?”

Our program coordinator generally handles evaluation forms. If you are a student affiliated with a school, our coordinator with work with the school’s clinical coordinator to ensure a smooth evaluation process!

“How is UMR different from any other placement firm?”

UMR is different because our main goal is student happiness and satisfaction. We provide some of the most competitive pricing in the country, as well as amazing preceptors for both core and elective rotations. Our main priority is making sure that our students are happy and get the rotations they want!

“How will I be billed for my clinical rotations?”

You will receive an email with an electronic invoice from our accounting department prior to the start of your rotation, or the Monday of. This invoice will be in the amount of your entire rotation.

“How can I pay for my rotations?”

There are many ways to pay for your rotations! Many students prefer depositing a check or cash payment into our account by visiting a nearby Wells Fargo Bank branch. Others will mail their payment to our office via regular USPS mail.
For credit card payments, there will be a 4% processing fee applied to your rotation cost.

“Will UMR help me with a USA Visa application?”

We can provide students with a letter of enrollment that they will be able to use for their Visa application.

“Are UMR rotations considered “hands-on” experiences for students?”

Depending on the preceptor’s comfort with your expertise, experience, and abilities, that will get you more patient time, access, and interaction with patients.

“How can I get malpractice insurance?”

You can purchase malpractice insurance through any insurance agency, but we do have an affiliated insurance agent that we can reach out to assist students.

“What type of malpractice insurance is required for rotating with UMR?”

We require students to have up to $1MM/$3MM in malpractice insurance coverage.

“Does UMR offer housing options?”

We have a variety of recommended housing locations for students in Atlanta, Georgia. We would be more than happy to provide you with this information! Please contact us for the list!

“I am an FMG/IMG and am looking for rotations in the US. How can you help me?”

Excellent question! We work with many FMG/IMG students and provide the same amount of care and excellent service that we do with current medical students. You will need to submit the same documents and rotation rates are the same flat rate!


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“Are there specific days to begin rotations, or can I start any time I want?”

We will work with you to find the best time frame for you to begin, but our students usually begin their rotations on a Monday and finish up on a Friday. Of course, we are always able and willing to help accommodate students to their needs.

“What type of clinical rotation schedule should I expect?”

Your rotation schedule will depend on the specialty, as well as the preceptor that you are placed with. Some preceptors have lenient schedules that are great for students who are currently studying for their exams, while others are very strict due to hospital and clinic hours.

“What is the best and easiest way to find housing?”

Great question! There are several easy method of locating housing in the Atlanta area. We have a list of housing recommendations for students, which we can provide. Just shoot us an email!
Some other methods include:
1. Promove.com
2. Airbnb.com
3. Craigslist.org

“When do I get the names of my preceptor and clinic?”

Once you have been placed in a rotation, you will receive your reporting details, which contains the preceptor’s name, clinic location, and additional information regarding your rotation!

“Is it required that I have my USMLE exams completed before rotations?”

It depends on your university’s requirements. Many schools require that students have their Step 1 completed first, but that is not always the case. We can help you check with your school’s coordinator to make sure!

“I want to do well on my exams. Will my rotation schedule allow me to do this?”

This will depend on the specialty and/or preceptor that you are placed with. Preceptors are understanding of a student’s exam schedule because they have been in the same situation. We are able to help place you in a schedule that accommodates to your personal needs!

“Once I reserve my rotation, will my price be guaranteed?”

Our fees are flat rates and will not increase once we give you a quote! We offer the most competitive pricing in the country. We can definitely guarantee this!

“Is it possible to delay my start date once my placement is confirmed?”

Yes! We understand that things happen. It’s all a part of life! We are able to hold your place until you are ready to begin rotations. We will check back in with you regularly!