About us

This page isn't fancy.
It's black and white.
It's how we serve you better.

We’ve been in this business since 2003.

We’ve seen iterations of placement companies and international medical schools succeed and fail. During the years, we’ve witnessed that not enough effort has been given to ensure the student experience is of top-tier quality. It’s unfortunate.

Medical students and graduates need individual attention.
We offer that, and then some.

That’s why we started UMR. We offer a service that focuses on our students. It’s that simple. We make sure we understand what our students are looking for and what their specific goals for residency. Our program is catered toward empowering student via transparency and control during the course of their clinical experience.

We advise, and help our students by providing:
• Clinical placements designed to fit each student’s needing.
• Encouraging learning environments.
• Diverse specialties.

Every single one of our students receives a custom schedule. There are no cookie cutter programs.

Expansion. Growth. More options for you.

This is a organization that started to help a few select students in Atlanta, GA. In the first few years, we had so much interest in additional cities, so we decided to expand.

1. First, an Atlanta program was built.
2. Then, a Washington, D.C. program was built.
3. As of 2017, we’re even able to offer smaller programs in New York and Baltimore!

We'll travel the world to meet you.

We're the only company that'll travel just to see you.

Let’s have a conversation about you, your needs, and your future. We’re here to help.